Dr. Lonsway,

Remembering back to that September day in 2011, in the tiny town of Cascade, Idaho … you gave me a huge amount of inspiration.  … I began to read and follow your work.  I started structuring my Bachelors degree in criminal justice towards improving response towards sexual assault. Then from September of 2012, until March of 2015, I continued my education and finished my Masters degree in criminal justice, again focusing on how we can improve our response to these horrible crimes.

I continued to study your work and the work of Rebecca Campbell, David Lisak, and Russell Strand.  … It has continued to provide me a direction to get detectives and others to Start by Believing. In August of 2015, I am hoping to continue my education by starting on a PHD in forensic psychology.

Your words that September day in Cascade have not only given me direction but have helped me solve hundreds of crimes many of which were sexual assaults.  On behalf of the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, myself, my family … and the survivors of sexual assault in Canyon County, Idaho, thank you.  You have truly made a difference in many people’s lives.

~ Detective Shawn Becker, Canyon County Sheriff’s Office

Thank you so much for spending time with us at the SVC [Special Victim Counsel] Course.  Your instruction and insight are imperative to this victim-focused program.  Several students remarked about how much they learned about offender behavior as well.  I meant what I said when I called you a force multiplier for the SVC Program.

~ U.S. Army Major, Criminal Law Department, The Judge Advocate General’s Legal School

I just wanted to say thank you for the training you put on … Your training on false reports, red flags, and ‘Start by Believing’ has changed how I work my cases. Since your training, I have had a significant increase in the number of cases solved and prosecuted. I just wanted to say thank you and let you know your training has made a difference in my jurisdiction.

~ Detective, Sheriff’s Office

I want to thank you for your work and let you know how much I have learned through your research.

~  Doctoral Candidate in Counseling Psychology and Intern in Veterans Health Care System

On behalf of the staff and faculty at The Judge Advocate General’s School, thank you for participating in the 45th Intermediate Trial Advocacy Course (ITAC)  … All of your blocks of instruction are always very well received and certainly help create more knowledgeable trial advocates in the area of offender and victim behaviors, which in turn ensures better practice in the courtroom.  Your continued support of the School is greatly appreciated.  We look forward to your next visit.

~ Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army and Chair, Criminal Law Department, JAG School

Thank you so much for your contributions to our symposium.  We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback and I hope it will make a real and tangible impact for survivors.  It was also a real pleasure to see you present after hearing so many great things.  On behalf of all of us here … thank you for all your work.

~ Executive Director, Sexual Assault Victim Advocacy Agency

I attended your session yesterday on false allegations, and found it both informative and inspirational. I wish that I could have videotaped the session, to show it to students and staff at my university. I’ve been doing research on student sexual assault … for over 10 years … Although our university administration is now taking this public health issue seriously, we still require dissemination of the kind of information that you and your colleagues presented. So please let me know if there is comparable material available on video for such dissemination.

~ Associate Professor, University Psychology Department

Thank you again for the service you provided. Your presentation was very informative and provided information that each of the participants could take back to their respective communities and utilize.

~ Victim Witness Coordinator, County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

Thank you so much for your presentation at our spring training. We enjoyed it very much and I especially found it thought provoking regarding what should be in our reports. And I’ve been in the biz for 20+ years – you can always learn something new and/or at least view things in a new perspective. We’d love to have you instruct again. Thanks for all your hard work.

~ Police Detective, Board Member, State Sexual Assault Investigators’ Association

I recently attended your training in [our state]. I found the study you presented in the morning fascinating. I train sexual assault for first responders at the [state] police academy. I am always looking for new material and was wondering if I would be able to incorporate some of the material you presented into my presentation. Over the years, I have found that many first responders often think most sexual assaults are bogus. I am hoping I can change this attitude.

~ Detective, Sheriff’s Office

I heard you speak … on NPR and loved the interview. At the very end of the session, Neil Conan asked you about reaching out to boys and men – how to address that. Your response hit me like a lightning bolt! I had just spent about 9 months working on a boys’ curriculum to address rape prevention … So, there I was, frozen, waiting to hear your response, hoping for an indicator of how close (or far) to the mark we might be. After hearing your response … we were all kind of stunned. Your response was EXACTLY what we had created … Our boys’ curriculum is called “Your Moment of Truth.” It focuses on the awareness needed to KNOW when you are in a situation that requires your assistance, and ways to own that responsibility. Then the rest of the class reinforces that awareness and provides skill after skill to deal with the conflict unfolding. I just wanted you to know that we have something here, very clearly upstream from the bystander intervention model and I’m happy to share it with you.

~ Founder/Director, International Rape Prevention Program

I wanted to thank you again for the training you provided last month. All the feedback – both written and verbal – that I have gotten about your training has been very positive.  In addition to the invaluable training that you provided, you were very helpful in the organizing stage. You obviously have a great deal of experience planning and preparing for conferences.

I was impressed with the incredible amount of research that you did on [our state] and about our fledgling program in preparation for your presentation. I felt like the presentation was tailored to us instead of just some kind of canned lesson plan. You presented a relevant, focused interactive instruction that will greatly benefit our program. Specifically, there will be changes to our program based on your presentation and the interaction that you facilitated and guided amongst the participants from the different disciplines present. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

~ Police Lieutenant, Violent Crimes Unit, SANE/SART Program Manager

I wanted to thank you again for the training you provided last month. This is our second year working together and once again, I really enjoyed and appreciated working with you. I was simply able to give you an overview of where we wanted to go with the training this year and you created an excellent presentation that was obviously well researched, relevant to us locally, and well presented.

I know our audience was very impressed. They represented a wide array of professionals including victim advocates, counselors, forensic nurses as well as investigators from law enforcement and children and adult protective services. These people from throughout [our region] have dramatically different resources to call on and all left with new ideas on how to better organize what they do have and create and access new ones through contacts that you facilitated. The networking opportunities were very well utilized and I noticed that you were always talking to someone – on breaks, during lunch, even before and after the presentation – problem solving ad making suggestions.

I would highly recommend you as a presenter and your programs to any organization that is looking for quality training in the victim support and advocacy field. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

~ Police Lieutenant, Violent Crimes Unit, SANE/SART Program Manager